What makes us human? Among the many characteristics that separate mankind from all other animals is our need and ability to make sense of the world around us through storytelling, which is at the heart of all public relations and marketing.

Human Nature refers to man’s co-evolution with nature, specifically cannabis. Put simply, coevolution is where two different living species help each other adapt and evolve by influencing each other. We now know that the reason that cannabis is so miraculously able to address so many different human ailments and provide so many useful applications is because it actually evolved with us over time in a process called co-evolution. In fact, according to Michael Polan, the NYT bestselling author of The Botany of Desire, cannabis has been so changed by its 15,000 years of coevolution with us that a wild version of the plant simply does not exist anymore. According to Pollan, cannabis found a way to produce chemicals that give us pleasure, like THC, thereby seducing us into cultivating it and spreading it– a strategy that allowed cannabis to borrow our legs and piggyback on humans as we colonized the globe. Similar to cultivated fruits like the apple or even domesticated animals like the housecat, marijuana is part of the human shaping of the earth. But that shaping is a two way street – which is why it’s called a “co-evolution– and cannabis has been and continues to influence our destiny as well… now evolution” – cannabis has been and continues to influence our destiny as well… now more than ever.